I give workshops and training to organizations that take the development of their employees seriously. As a result of my training, people will get the best out of themselves and enjoy working. I believe that this is  beneficial for the organization as well. In our hectic society, people need counterbalance. My training  offers attention to oneself and moments of reflection. This means that people are more in touch with their own talents, motivation and wishes.


Training & workshops:


I develop customized workshops and trainings. Together we set the goals and desired results. Then I make a varied program.  In addition to theory on the subject and its importance at the workplace, the training mainly consists of active and playful exercises, so that participants learn from their experiences. I pay a lot of attention to the transfer of the learned to daily work.



  • Cooperation
  • Feedback
  • Coaching skills


  • Time management
  • Personal effectiveness
  • NLP


  • Career management
  • Job application skills
  • Networking



My workshops and training courses are composed of a combination of theories and models, among others positive psychology, coping strategies, RET, Compassionate Communication, Transactional Analysis, NLP. I also use my background as educational psychologist, to ensure that what is learned arrives and will be applied.



Feel free to make an appointment to ask your questions and hear what I can do for your organization.