Every person has his own strengths and talents, and also his own pitfalls. Sometimes you notice that you feel less happy, or get less out of yourself than you could. Coaching can then help you gain more insight into what is going on and what you can do differently. 



Clients often experience a coaching program as very liberating.

In the past, I used to find rest on my day off only when my to-do list was ready. But that was always an ambitious list, so halfway I was often exhausted. In a coaching program I learned to take my rest first and then get started. I also learned that I could find my peace by deciding not to think about that list. This may sound very simple, but for me it was a huge eye-opener.

Especially when it comes to your own pitfalls, you often do not see how you can do something differently. Then it makes sense to have someone looking with an objective view. A coaching program helps you to regain your own power. The result is that you have control over your behavior, thoughts and feelings and that you live and work with more pleasure and energy.



The coaching is focused on one or more personal goals.

Examples of this are:

  • more self-confidence
  • less stress
  • more energy
  • say no
  • more balance
  • improved relationships
  • cooperating in a pleasant way
  • effective leadership


We start with an extensive  intake, in which we discuss what you are up against and what you want to achieve with the coaching. I give you an indication of what your coaching program will look like and how many sessions are needed (usually 5 to 10 ). The intake is free, so you can check for yourself whether my approach suits you.

If the employer is the purchaser, it is important to make clear agreements on the desired results of the coaching  and its evaluation. If you decide to start, you will receive an order confirmation in which your goals, number of sessions, content of the coaching and the costs are clearly described.



A coaching session often starts with discussing situations in the present in which you encounter issues. With the help of an exercise / method we investigate what is going on. If necessary, we dig deeper to find out where this comes from. We always look for new insights and behavior that you can use in the future. I work with a lot of active methods, which provide, in addition to  insights, experience, experimenting, feeling and doing. This makes it easier to apply  the learned in daily (work)life.



I choose methodologies and methods that fit your question and preferences, from psychology, MBTI, NLP, Transactional Analysis, Compassionate Communication, Systemic Work, Voice Dialogue and Creative Coaching. You might also receive  exercises or assignments to practice, in order to realize a lasting result.



Feel free to make an appointment for a free intake meeting to ask your questions and to hear how a coaching program will look for you.