As coach or trainer I help you  to realize your dreams and goals. To get the best out of you at work and in your private life. To dare following your dreams and to be happier. I give you new insights and let you experiment, experience and do. The result always consists  of realistic goals and concrete steps. 



Every person has his own strengths and talents, and also his own pitfalls. Sometimes you notice that you feel less happy, or get less out of yourself than you could. Coaching can then help you gain more insight into what is going on and what you can do differently.



I give workshops and training to organizations that take the development of their employees seriously.  As a result of my training, people  get the best out of themselves and  enjoy working.  I provide training & workshops on happiness, stress management, feedback, coaching skills, …


"At the start of my coaching program,  I was not really convinced of my own competences and I doubted whether I would still find a really nice job. At that time your guidance made me very clear what made me happy and what I had to aim for.  I would never have taken this step if the bank where I worked had not stopped, but now I can say that I used to have a lot of fun in my work, but  now I really have a great job! "